Guide to Bringgy
  • <p>Bringgy is an online ordering and delivery platform that makes getting food and items from your favourite local restaurants and stores easier than a phone call.&nbsp;</p><p>The Bringgy app connects you to a wide variety of restaurants and stores so you can order your local favourites whenever and wherever you want.&nbsp;</p>
  • <p>The Bringgy app connects you to a wide variety of local restaurants and stores, so you can have your favourite items at the tap of a button.<br></p>
  • <p>You can order from Bringgy in 2 ways:&nbsp;</p><ul><li>On the app: Download the Bringgy App to get started. </li><li>In your web browser: Visit to get started.</li></ul><p>TO PLACE AN ORDER:</p><ol><li>Sign in (or create an account) and set your delivery address</li><li>Choose the restaurant or store you want to order from</li><li>Select your items and tap "Add to Cart"</li><li>Review your order and tap "Check Out"</li><li>You will receive notifications on your order’s progress</li></ol><p>Note: If using the app, ensure your volume is on to hear notifications and receive the call when your order arrives.</p>
  • <p>To see if a restaurant or store is available in your community you can check the about page of the store. Or you can use the map to find stores near you.&nbsp;</p><p>Note: Operation hours and delivery zones are set by individual restaurants and stores.&nbsp;</p>
  • <p>You can order multiple items from the same restaurant or store, but you cannot order from multiple restaurants or stores in the same order. However, if you do want items from multiple restaurants or stores, once you place your order, you can then order items from a different restaurant or store while your current order is being prepared and delivered.&nbsp;</p><p>Please note that each order will include its own delivery fee.</p>
  • <p>For restaurants:&nbsp;</p><p>The time estimate you see combines how much time it typically takes the restaurant to accept and prepare an average order, and how much time it should take for your food to be delivered to your address.&nbsp;</p><p>Please note that all estimates are set by the restaurant. Actual delivery times may fluctuate depending on how busy the restaurant is, how large your order is, traffic conditions, and other factors.&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>For other stores:&nbsp;</p><p>The time estimates are how much time the store may need to prepare an item and have it delivered to your address. These estimates are can vary depending on the location of the store and how large your order is. Please note that all estimates are set by the store.&nbsp;</p>
  • <p>You can save multiple addresses on your account so you can quickly select where you'd like your food delivered. You can add multiple addresses by going to Setting in the menu and Select Delivery Addresses to update and add multiple addresses.&nbsp;<br></p>
  • <p>Currently, Bringgy has one payment option, Cash on delivery, however other online payment options will be added soon.<br></p>
  • <p>At Bringgy, we take reported safety incidents very seriously. Any behaviour involving violence, sexual misconduct, or illegal activity is explicitly prohibited in Bringgy’s Policies and Guidelines. Additionally, Merchants and delivery people are expected to adhere to industry best practices when preparing or otherwise handling your order.&nbsp;</p><p>If you had an uncomfortable or unsafe experience with a delivery person, please let us know by filling out the form below. A member of our safety team will review your report and will follow up if additional information is needed.&nbsp;</p><p>Please click the link below to report any of the following issues:</p><ul><li>I had an issue with my delivery person&nbsp;</li><li><span style="font-size: 1rem;">My order never arrived&nbsp;</span></li><li>I had a food safety issue with my order&nbsp;</li></ul><p></p>
  • <p>You can share your experience by leaving a review for the store or item you bought.&nbsp;<br></p>
  • <p>Contact us on +592 639-4183 via call or WhatsApp.&nbsp;<br></p>
  • <p>Bringgy will help you increase your brand presence, as well as bring your business to the attention of entirely new customers. Bringgy delivery orders won’t hurt your current customer base; rather, Bringgy will increase convenience to your current customer base and help your business grow. Therefore, these orders occur in addition to your current in-store business--which means satisfied customers and more profits!<br></p>
Help with an order
  • <p>Here’s how you can check the status of the order:&nbsp;</p><ol><li>Open the Bringgy app</li><li>Tap the notification icon on the bottom menu bar</li><li>Tap on the notification for the specific order to view and understand the description of the status. You will&nbsp;<span style="font-size: 1rem;">receive notifications for updates on the status of the order.</span></li></ol><p>Note: If using the app, ensure your volume is on to hear notifications and receive calls when your order arrives.</p><p>You can also contact Bringgy’s representative on +592 639-4183 via call or WhatsApp. Please have the order number at hand when finding out more information.&nbsp;</p>
  • <p>If you'd like to change your order before it is delivered, please reach out to the restaurant or store you ordered from directly, quoting the following:</p><ul><li>Your name</li><li>Your order details (visible in the app)</li><li>The changes required</li></ul><p>The restaurant or store will do their best to accommodate your request. However, if the merchant has already started preparing your order, it is possible that your request will not be able to be fulfilled.</p><p>If you're unable to contact the merchant, send us a message. We'll look into this request.&nbsp;</p>
  • <p>Restaurants, stores and delivery people do their best to deliver your food and items within the estimated delivery time, but external factors may cause delays (for example, if the restaurant is busier than normal, your order is a large order, there's unexpected traffic or bad weather conditions). If your order is taking longer than expected, contact the seller directly on the contact information provided on their about page or contact Bringgy’s representative on +592 639-4183 via call or WhatsApp, with your name and order details visible in the app.<br></p>
  • <p>Restaurants, stores and delivery partners do their best to package and deliver food and items safely and securely.</p><p>If your order arrived damaged in any way, please let us know. We'll review and make adjustments as necessary.</p>
Account Settings
  • <p>Go to the login page and tap on "Forgot password". You'll receive an email with a unique link you can use to create a new password. </p><p>Be careful not to share your password with others - Bringgy will never ask you for your password.<br></p>
  • <p>You can update your name, email, phone number, profile picture and delivery address in your Bringgy app:</p><ul><li>Tap the menu icon in the top left of the app.</li><li>Tap the detail you want to change and enter the updated information.</li></ul>
Bringgy for Sellers
  • <p>Your merchant account can go live within 24hrs and you can start accepting orders immediately after. This is dependent on how fast you can complete the registration form, the instructional session and uploading of items! We’re excited to hear from you!<br></p>
  • <p>If you're unable to handle delivery, our delivery services are handled by our delivery partners.<br></p>
  • <p>Our partnerships are mutually beneficial! After you complete the signup process, your store will be activated on the Bringgy website and we will share our partnership online for you to start receiving orders. You will also receive publicity and marketing via the Bringgy platform and social media platforms. We will also help you improve your operations since you won’t have to field phone calls or drivers.<br></p>
  • <p>We really value our merchants because they are what set us apart! We also treat our partnerships as opportunities for growth. We offer a variety of products &amp; marketing opportunities to help merchants build their brand and expand.<br></p>